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git-pack-redundant - Find redundant pack files


git pack-redundant [--verbose] [--alt-odb] (--all | <pack-filename>…​)


git pack-redundant has been deprecated and is scheduled for removal in a future version of Git. Because it can only remove entire duplicate packs and not individual duplicate objects, it is generally not a useful tool for reducing repository size. You are better off using git gc to do so, which will put objects into a new pack, removing duplicates.

Running pack-redundant without the --i-still-use-this flag will fail in this release. If you believe you have a use case for which pack-redundant is better suited and oppose this removal, please contact the Git mailing list at More information about the list is available at


This program computes which packs in your repository are redundant. The output is suitable for piping to xargs rm if you are in the root of the repository.

git pack-redundant accepts a list of objects on standard input. Any objects given will be ignored when checking which packs are required. This makes the following command useful when wanting to remove packs which contain unreachable objects.

git fsck --full --unreachable | cut -d ' ' -f3 | \ git pack-redundant --all | xargs rm



Processes all packs. Any filenames on the command line are ignored.


Don’t require objects present in packs from alternate object database (odb) directories to be present in local packs.


Outputs some statistics to stderr. Has a small performance penalty.


Part of the git[1] suite